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FJM - Free Joint Multi


Digital Inverter

Fast Cooling, Comfort Cooling. The Free Joint Multi system employs Samsung's Digital Inverter control system, which enhances the efficiency of the outdoor unit. The Digital Inverter system works at maximum capacity at start up, and as soon as the set temperature is reached, it finely adjusts to cope with any changes. This translates to less temperature fluctuation and greater comfort which can be achieved in minutes. Because the outdoor unit's compressor works at a low speed to maintain the desired set temperature, noise levels are at a minimum allowing you to enjoy your FJM system in virtual silence. Samsung digital inverter systems give powerful and quick cooling and heating with minimal energy consumption, reducing waste and ultimately saving you money.

Twin BLDC Compressors

The Free Joint Multi outdoor units employ twin BLDC compressors with highly stable moving parts which reduce torque variation by 70% when compared to a conventional single BLDC compressor.

Sine Wave Controller

Noise Reduction. All Samsung FJM models are equipped with a Sine Wave Controller. Smoother current waves result in a soft acoustic quality and overall noise reduction.

Compressor Sound Insulator

The FJM compressor is covered by a double-layered sound insulation material, which absorbs and minimizes the noise it generates during operation.

Easy Installation

The one button auto addressing solution makes installation easier.

Smart Wi-Fi

Samsung's FJM system can be controlled via Wi-Fi from virtually anywhere there’s an internet connection. Now you can come home to a cool room by turning on your FJM system before arriving. Forget to turn off your system because you left in a hurry? Nothing to worry about, simply turn it off with your smartphone. With the WiFi feature, controlling your comfort was never easier or more convenient.


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